Picture it & Write: Passion


Picture it & Write

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Water

Pics from today’s rain…




A Word A Week Photography Challenge

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 9

This is my first entry in Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. I pass this tree every time I go out walking and I always see a face in it. Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge has given me a reason to finally take a picture of it and share 😊


Six Word Saturday

Sometime You Just Need A Nap


Six Word Saturday

Nurturing Thursday: What is Right

All is right with the world unless you are left handed
– Irene Richardson

What’s Right for one person is not necessarily Right for another. We all have unique histories that have led us to where we are and unless someone has walked your path in your skin they have no business judging which direction your “Right” is.

This post is in response to Nurturing Thursday

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