Nurturing Thursday: Broadcasts


I come from a family of worriers. So when it comes to thoughts, my station is usually tuned to the “Worry Station”. I’ve had to work hard to change that station whenever it tunes in. I’ve started to learn that even mindless static is better than worry. Now, I have certain stations bookmarked in my brain that can take me away from the negative stations into a neutral, happy or even fantasy zone!ūüėá

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Wordless Wednesday: Tree Trunks



Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

I move through life
looking for things to make beautiful
through photography
– Lady K


It’s interesting how something that may appear meaningless or even ugly can be made beautiful through the lens of a camera. I walk past this log in the water all the time but it wasn’t until I finally photographed it that it became a beautiful work of art in my eyes.

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Nurturing Thursday: Emanate

“Hello, Do not greet anybody when the heart is filled with anger distrust etc. Have, instead, a pure hollow from which a whole hearted Hello emanates.”
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Indian spiritual leader, b.1926


I’m always amazed by the number of people that I walk by who refuse to make eye contact or say hello. It’s such a simple thing – to send joy to another person by saying hello. I particularly love it when I pass a child who greets me with a wave and an enthusiastic hello. It’s as if the child emanates all that is good, joyful and fun; and it simply makes me want to pass it on… The next time you pass someone, say hello, it may be contagious!

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