There Once Was a Girl

There once was a girl who loved you

liked you

and hated you 

until her heart bled and there was nothing left…


The Hairdresser 

A day at the hairdresser 

Where beauty goes

Where gossip flows

Where you enter as You 

But leave Anew

A day at the hairdresser 

Like no other day

Where you come for your appointment 

To wash the blues Away!

Silent Night

~ Lady K


Lady K

Ode To My Boobs


You were too big once upon a time
Kept me from fitting in
You were two of a kind

I finally had you cut down to size
But nobody told me – “if you get fat they’ll grow back – except lower this time”


You use to get attention 
Now you just get in the way

It’s embarrassing when men have to lift you in order to play 

What do you have to offer me now
Too low for a pillows
Too old to feed a child

You get hot 
You get sticky
You swing & You sway
I carry you around each and every day

My boobs 
Dear boobs
My girls till the end
We’ve been through a lot
My sisters
My friends!

Carpe Diem Haiku: Mirror

Mirror image captured
young and old collide
Beauty reflected

– Lady K

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