Nurturing Thursday: Give Up


I am working on loving myself for the perfectly imperfect me that I am.

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Nurturing Thursdays: Born to Be

I will stop being afraid
I will reach
I will grow
I will seek
Til I know
I am the “me” I was born to be

– Lady K


Nurturing Thursday


I was watching an old episode of A Different World and for some reason this speech by Dwayne Wayne hit me and stayed with me all day. It’s simple, yet says it all.

When you pray you can ask for things, you can yell, you can try to cut a deal. Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you get what you need and sometimes you just get what you get. I think God helps you hang-in with what you get.

Dwayne Wayne, A Different World: Unanswered Prayers

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