Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

I move through life
looking for things to make beautiful
through photography
– Lady K


It’s interesting how something that may appear meaningless or even ugly can be made beautiful through the lens of a camera. I walk past this log in the water all the time but it wasn’t until I finally photographed it that it became a beautiful work of art in my eyes.

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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move


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Sunday Post: A Place to Relax

One of my favorite places to relax is the lake near my house.


Sunday Post Prompt

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


This is the inside of a drainage sewer for the runoff lake water. I walk past it all the time but this challenge inspired me to stop and look inside.

Daily Prompt: Rituals

This is the lake I always walk around. I love to watch the changing seasons and wave to familiar faces as I walk this path.


The Daily Post

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