Nurturing Thursday: Broadcasts


I come from a family of worriers. So when it comes to thoughts, my station is usually tuned to the “Worry Station”. I’ve had to work hard to change that station whenever it tunes in. I’ve started to learn that even mindless static is better than worry. Now, I have certain stations bookmarked in my brain that can take me away from the negative stations into a neutral, happy or even fantasy zone!ūüėá

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11 responses to “Nurturing Thursday: Broadcasts

  1. Wonderful!! We all need to be aware of the static of negative stations — and it is a good skill to know how to change the stations and when.

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  9. In older age I have learned to dial down my “worry station.” Life’s getting too short to keep the volume up on negative thoughts. I now have my “go to” station…my husband and my daughter. Focusing on loving them and having them love me is like listening to fine classical music…while my hips are moving to the likes of Adam Levine. hugs for the metaphor…love it! Absolutely love it!

  10. Potent metaphor, Lady K ~ thanks for sharing it! ūüôā

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