This post is in response to: Introverts Blog Quietly – Weekly Writing Challenge

What does solitude mean to you? How do you experience solitude?

Sometimes Solitude is just Loneliness turned outside in

This poem is about Loneliness


True Loneliness
not just being alone
Surrounded by people but feeling

even among friends
They hear the whispers from others
but ignore the screams from my soul

Is it my voice
Should I speak louder
with more force
Or is it who I am inside that makes them turn away

Can’t they see the tears that fall
every time they look through me

Everyday my Loneliness grows
as I reach out to everyone
but no one is there.

6 responses to “Loneliness

  1. quietcalliope

    Beautiful 🙂

  2. agathacat2013

    Fabulous words 🙂

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